Airedale sports

Airedales are noted for their versatility and will generally have a go at most anything. There are many different canine sports you can get involved in with your Airedale.


Airedales excel at obedience if a positive training style is undertaken. They don't respond to harsh techniques or endless drill, but if you keep it fun, they can reach the highest levels.

Airedale heeling Airedale jumping the broad jump

Congratulations to Dual Ch Old Iron Its Ben UD - Australia's only Airedale Obedience and Show champion.


Airdales usually love agility work. It is a great outlet for their considerable energy and gives them a challenge that they relish.

Airedale clearing a jump Airedale coming over the top of an A-frame


With their terrific scenting ability, Airedales find tracking right up their alley.

tracking tracking


Airedales were one of the first breeds used for police work in both the UK and Germany. They are intelligent and courageous.

Airedale retrieving over a wall Airedale practicing 'bitework'

Airedog or Disc dog

Chasing a frisbee is every Airedale's dream. Airedogs show off with high aerial catchs and gymnastics. They love it. These photos are of American Tim Geib and Chula

Tim Geib and Chula in competition Tim Geib and Chula in competition


Airedales may not be the fastest dogs on the paddock, but they love chasing after the 'rabbit' on a string.

Harry on the lure course Jackson on the lure course


The Airedale was bred for hunting and have been used for both feather and fur. They were the 'weapon' of choice for tiger-hunting with British gentlemen in India. Other breeds were tried out, but once these other dogs found out what the scent led them to – a tiger – you could not make them hunt again. But not the Airedales – they were always keen. See more hunting Airedale photos.

Airedale fronting a wild cat two airedales with bear

Search and Rescue

Airedales' excellent scenting ability and high intelligence make them ideal search and rescue dogs.

Airedale negotiating an obstacle search dog